CAKRASPAN® Metal Deck Panels

Metal deck is a cold formed corrugated metal sheet supported by steel joists or beams. It is used to support concrete or insulating membrane of a roof. It was developed to provide a structurally efficient product for use in roof and floor systems.

Excellent lateral diaphragm action or reduce structural bracing.

Audie Pacific Engineering

Its design and fabrication maximizes the properties of the steel in order to create a high strength-to-weight ratio, which lowers the material, handling, and erection costs but maintains the durability that has been proven by over 50 years of satisfactory performance.

Despite the fact that it is a structural component, its uniform quality can offer an attractive appearance, especially with the use of properly specified shop and field applied coatings. Steel deck is also a component of many UL and ULC approved fire rated assemblies.

Longspan Roofing

Roof deck products are typically used as the structural component of many flat, pitched, or arched roof systems because of their benefits with regards to strenght, weight, and economy. It is commonly attached to open web steel joists, structural steel, or light gage framing.

Aside from the standard roof deck profiles, long-span, cellular, acoustic, and cellular acoustic products are also available to meet project needs. Shop curving of some roof deck products is also available with certain radius limitations.

Wall Cladding

Wall cladding made from CAKRASPAN® metal adds another dimension to your home. Whether as a beautiful, long lasting exterior facade or as feature walling on the inside, it creates depth and texture.

CAKRASPAN® metal wall cladding also delivers a lot of practical benefits. It is easy to maintain, long lasting, lightweight and extremely durable; resisting chipping, flaking and blistering.

CAKRASPAN® Materials

  • Alumunium (Magnesium Alloy – A4 5005, Magnesium Alloy – A4 5002)
  • Zincalume (G – 300, G 550 (Hi-Ten))
  • Abadi
  • Colorbond
  • Pelangi
  • Gemilang
  • Zinc Coated
  • Zinc Color
  • Fibre Glass (*based on profile)

Metal Deck Diaphragm

The metal deck sheets used for roofs and floors provide support for gravity loads between the joists and/or beams. Once installed, these sheets can also be used as a horizontal brace, therefore, allowing the steel deck to act as a diaphragm.

By analogy, the fluted deck is equivalent to the web of a horizontal beam of which the flanges are the perimeter structural members connected to the deck. The span of that horizontal beam is defined by the distance between the vertical lateral load resisting systems connected to the deck.

The secondary elements form stiffeners for the web produced by the fluted deck. As for normal beams, the deck (web of horizontal beam) must be attached to the perimeter members (flange of horizontal beam) to ensure transfer of the shear forces.

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